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YEAR: 1964





MILEAGE: 17,847





VIN: 41847Y169588

In today’s world when you hear the name Impala, you likely think about your last rental car at the airport or maybe what the 85-year-old prayer warriors at church pull up in every Sunday. The Impala nameplate is one of the oldest in American Automotive History, but because of the missteps of Chevrolet in more recent years, many Americans have forgotten that the Impala brand is quite possibly the most emblematic cars in history, and that it undoubtedly was the king of style in its early years. The Chevrolet Impala was introduced in 1958 and hurriedly became the bar in luxury, quality, and styling in the automotive world. Based off the forward thinking of the infamous Harley Earl, the Impala was an immediate success story for Chevrolet. Its sleek styling, and innovative features made the Impala the hottest selling car in America. Through the early years the car saw recurrent style changes on a yearly basis, from uncultivated rear ends to dazzling grills, the Chevrolet Impala had an imagination of its own. As the 1960’s took hold, the Impala became America’s top selling, full size car, and nearly every American owned or desired to own one. By 1964, and under the new watchful eye of designer Bill Mitchell, the Impala would continue to evolve towards a smoother styling, separating itself from its wing backed predecessor. The new design chopped off many of the sharp edges and pushed back the upper portion of the grill. The chrome that once accompanied the taillights got a new placement and the car body color was added to the fascia that snuggled the rear lights. This would mark the start of change for the Impala as the Muscle Car Era was beginning to be ushered in. Through time the car would continue to be wildly successful and undergo many styling updates, but to this day, it is the 1964 rendering of the Impala that stands out in the minds of many car enthusiasts. With that said, D&D Classic Cars is excited to offer this momentous 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS. This car is being offered with all the history, respect demanded by such an iconic nameplate, while at an affordable price point due to it needing some supplemental love. Our dealership typically offers cars that are already posed to win best in show trophies, but today we find ourselves overstocked on restoration vehicles and have decided to offer the opportunity to our buyers. This car is in very good condition but is in need of some messaging and finesse. While not perfect, it is in very respectable condition and ready to be loved on by a new owner. This car is shielded in what is believed to be Ember Red and is in need of new coating of paint to be returned to full glory. The exterior displays some minimal cracking, and a couple areas that have bubbled, but overall is in sound structural and visually acceptable condition. The exterior features white letter BF Goodrich tires on the original Rally wheels and generally respectable chrome work. Inside the car, it is equipped with factory A/C and has a very nice color matching vinyl interior. The only exception to the interior would be the driver’s seat that has some minor tears on the edges that will need addressed. Mechanically the car is sound and has been fitted with several new parts including, a new battery, and a new fuel pump. It is powered by a 327-engine showing 17,847 non actual miles and is directed by a 4-speed manual transmission. A new heater core, fuel tank and sending unit have been purchased but not yet installed, and will be included with the purchase. Overall, this celebrated car is in fine condition, and with some exertion and elbow grease could quickly be in near perfect condition. This Chevrolet Impala offers so much style and allure no matter the perfection rating. Quite possibly the most historic car of all time, at a price that allows room for improvement, this car will move quickly. So make sure that when it is loaded for transport, it is headed for your garage.

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