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YEAR: 1964




PRICE: $18,995






VIN: 31635A183838

D&D Classic Cars is excited to offer our customers a chance to build your dream car. This historic 1963 Chevrolet Impala 4-door Station Wagon is a restoration already set in motion. This car has an excellent foundation to add your own imaginative enhancements to, on the way to a once in a lifetime classic vehicle. The early 60’s Impalas briskly became an every-man favorite in America. As popularity grew, so did the call of the family man. The middle-class parents of larger families wanted in on the fanfare of the Impala but in a large enough vehicle to take the entire family to town. This call led to the introduction of the first Station Wagon Impala being brought to market. The car remained very stylish, following many of the same innovations and bodylines of its sportier siblings, while offering unmatched comfort. The campaigns were “velvet soft and whisper quiet” bringing their coil spring setup to the mainstream. Chevrolet also put a major emphasis on having ample room in the new Impala, whether it be the cargo area or inside the car itself. They wanted the newly envisioned car to offer superiority to America’s working class in all facets, while continuing to break barriers in the styling department. This car offers all that superiority and more, as it blends the Impala nameplate of old with some innovative modern concepts. This car was originally started as restoration project by one of our clients. Eventually he decided to move on to something different and we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase this car. We fully intended to finish it her at the dealership, but as we have continued purchasing cars in need of restorations, we have decided to let this one go as is. We hope that it will allow one of our customers the joy of building something special in their own garage. This Impala has been fully stripped and disassembled. It has been copiously painted including the on the body exterior, as well, as the firewalls and inner fenders. This car is truly unique and absolutely stunning displaying a flat finished cream color on its bottom and a high gloss root beer rich brown on the top. The outside appearance has been amplified with new polished chrome US Mag wheels and 245x45 ZR Mile Star tires. The rubber setup is 18” in front and 20” in the rear. The vehicle has no engine or transmission leaving a world of possibilities to its new owner to be as imaginative as desired. The car has been fitted with several mechanical enhancements, such as, front drop spindles, and an air bag suspension setup for ride adjustment. Other items included with the sale of the car are uninstalled new control arms, new interior door panels, and many more parts and pieces. The new door panels are the only interior component that have been completed thus far, again leaving room for personal inspiration. This car offers deep roots in Chevrolet and automotive history while allowing opportunity for personal flair and ingenuity, making this the perfect car for a ground up restoration project. Call us to discuss this great car bursting with potential for more details.

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