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YEAR: 1969





MILEAGE: 39,873





VIN: LS23P9B415058

When considering American automotive innovation, the conversation can undoubtedly head in many different directions, but it is difficult to argue that the Dodge Dart GTS was the leader of the pack when it came to enormous power in a small-scale muscle car. With a not-so-subtle nudge from Mr. Norm himself, Dodge was immediately compelled to start stuffing B-frame Engines in A-style cars, just like the mechanics in Chicago were doing. With Darts rolling off the lot of Grand Spaulding Dodge bloated by 383 engines, and literally showing up in Dodge’s Detroit parking lot, Dodge was all but coerced into going back to the drawing board. With that not so gentle push, the GTS was born, and a new era of muscle car had arrived. During the small three-year window in which the Dart GTS was manufactured, no configuration was more captivating than the 340 V8 that was introduced in 68’ and continued into the GTS’ final production year of 1969. The small but mighty car was turning heads all over the country. Significantly lighter than its 383 cousin and producing unfathomable power, the 340 was constantly being exalted as outperforming its modest 275HP rating. During a Car & Driver test in 1968 it was discussed that the 340 engine was producing closer to 350HP after a 14.4 Second pass on the 1,320. BY the end of the GTS era the 340 cubic inch version of the beloved Dart was the talk of the town, and that admiration has now spanned decades. With fewer and fewer of these treasured cars left on the road today, this 1969 Dodge Dart GTS is sure to move fast. Relatively untouched from the day it rolled off the assembly line, this unruly brute is begging for attention. Swathed in a gorgeous and eye catching T3 Gold, paralleled with a newer black vinyl hard top, and corresponding white bumblebee stripe, this car is a worthy member of the Scat pack. This car has had no leaf left unturned. Recently this automobile has received a new dual exhaust, brake lines, fuel lines, carpet, and seatbelts. Additionally, both the front and rear suspension have been rebuilt, and the powerplant was recently renewed and shows 39,873 miles which does exceed mechanical limits. Supplementary power has been afforded to the engine by way of a mild Competition Cam Shaft and 4-barrel carburetor. The car features a rebuilt automatic 727 Torque Flight transmission with a new torque converter, and all tied to an 8-3/4” rear suspension featuring 391 gears. To finish off the powertrain, the car is sitting on four new BF Goodrich Tires with P215-70R-14 fronts and P245-60R-14 rears all mounted on the original Gold Dodge Rally Wheels. Inside the car, its interior is nearly impeccable. It features a lust worthy black vinyl that covers the entire interior of the car including the front bucket seats, and a new fuel gauge has been added to assure top to bottom finery. Encompassing the vision of Norm Kraus, an entire era of Dodge History, and the most cherished car configuration to ever roll of the production line, this Dart GTS is everything a collector could ever want, and in its purest form.

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