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YEAR: 1986




PRICE: $ 39,995






VIN: 2GCDC14H6113539

The Chevrolet Truck is a staple in American history. They are as universally renowned in the USA as baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. Nothing screams americana quite like a Chevy Truck, and in 1960 it was a matter of first sight, head over heels love that Americans fostered for them. A love that would prove strong enough to span decades and a love that is still going strong today. Nearly every American has a love story that involves a Chevy Truck, whether it be dates with a high school girlfriend, a father teaching a daughter to drive, or working the farm with grandpa, most smile when they think of the moments that shaped their lives sitting inside a bowtie classic. Introduced in 1960 the C Series Chevy was instantly iconic. Throughout the years the truck would see many changes as Chevrolet designers navigated the ever-changing market. All generations proved successful for the nameplate, but it was undoubtedly the introduction of the third-generation square body that was the homerun for Chevy. The square body represented a fresh take on the classic truck. It introduced body lines that previously were unimaginable, all while continuing to provide the workhorse nature that people expected. Designers would continue to massage and finesse these stylish third-generation trucks for well over a decade, working towards perfection in their class leading automobile. This 1986 Chevrolet C10 was born near the end of that perfecting era. Rolling of the production line just one year before the Chevy Truck received a complete overhaul of its vision for the future, this truck delivers the best of the best in square body design. This short bed, ½ ton is absolutely exquisite. The mirror like black cherry paint is hard to take your eyes off of, and sure to impress each and every onlooker. The black cherry has also been elevated by way of brushed aluminum trim moldings that really pull the entire look together. While impressive enough on its own, the attractiveness of this truck goes well beyond the paint and moldings. The truck has been lowered 2” giving it a streamlined stance. The bed has been tastefully upgraded with the addition of a spray in bed liner, and the windows are all extolled with a deep tint. Furthermore, the wheels have been upgraded to chrome US Mag’s complete with a silver painted hubs and sheathed with BF Goodrich 255/45ZR-20 rubber on all four corners. Inside you will find an unpretentious yet attractive black vinyl interior and the addition of under dash gauges. This timeless machine also offers cold A/C and an Am/Fm/Cassette radio. Mechanically this truck is sure to impress as well. It is powered by a smooth running 350 CI engine complete with a mild cam and headers. The powertrain features a 350-turbo automatic transmission, and the odometer reads at 5,229 non actual miles. To finish it off, this truck is equipped with further convivence and comfort with the addition of power brakes. Loved at its conception and equally loved and adored today, this 1986 square body is in unsullied condition. As one of the most highly sought after trucks today, this beauty won’t last long. Whether you are looking to impress at a car show, teach your daughter to drive, or maybe take your high school sweetheart on a date some 37 years later, this truck is sure to offer you whatever you desire. Afterall, some love stories never end.

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