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YEAR: 1965




PRICE: $39,795

MILEAGE: 26,611





VIN: R351217062

During the mid-1960’s, US auto manufacturers had begun turning their focus to the muscle car movement. Super cars, as they were called in that day, were quickly becoming a very profitable and trendy offering for the major car makers. Pontiac was undoubtedly leading the pack of automakers with its enormously lucrative GTO as the century approached the midway point. Seeing the GTO’s popularity, Plymouth swiftly dipped its toes into the super car waters and released a reimagined super car of its own, the 1965 Belvedere. Mopars were gaining popularity at the time and Plymouth had already seen substantial success with sales of its Fury. But 1965 saw a shift into the intermediate car market for the manufacturer, and so, the Belvedere nameplate returned for a sixth generation. In this new generation, the focus would be on style and performance, and Plymouth delivered just that. With many of the body lines of its Fury predecessor, and several semblances to Pontiac’s GTO, the new Belvedere was a major triumph from day one. During this time, overall production numbers were low for Plymouth, but the success of the fresh-looking Belvedere and other Mopar offerings attributed to having nearly a third of the muscle cars on the road. This would mark the beginning of a steep history for Mopar muscle. This 1965 Plymouth Belvedere embodies that era in time and reflects the forward thinking of Plymouth as it set out into the super car market. At conception, this staggering car was given a 318 motor, but somewhere along the way, its previous owner made the noble decision to enhance the performance of this 4-speed manual car and fit it with a 440 c.i. motor. The powerfully built power plant runs well and shows 26,611 nonactual miles. While performance was half the equation for the Belvedere, the other half was appearance, and this car checks all the boxes in that category as well. The body of this exceptional machine is overlaid with a fine-looking red paint and appropriately paired with complementary chrome Crager Wheels. Inside, the car continues to impress with a well-done black vinyl interior that covers everything including the front bench seat, as well as under dash gauges and Tachometer mounted on top of the dash for heads up focus. Minus the upgrade under the hood and supplementary appeal by way of the wheels, this automobile is nearly fundamental to the day it rolled off the line. Drenched in muscle car and Mopar history, and the belle of the ball, this car is begging for a new owner to show it continued affection well into the future. Whether you are looking for a cruiser, a car show companion, or just a piece of automotive history, this superb Belvedere is the car you are looking for.

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