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YEAR: 1954










VIN: 10124P29173

At D&D Classic Cars, we pride ourselves in offering car show ready classic automobiles to our customers. While that is our principal objective with every car we purchase, from time to time we get obsessive in the purchasing department, and inadvertently end up with an impossible number of cars in line for restoration. This is one of those times, and because our restoration bays are overflowing, we have decided to offer a few project cars to our buyers as we head into deeper into the year. It is our hope that while we clear out some needed space at our dealership, that these cars will be paired with a buyer that will bring these historic cars back to superiority and splendor through invoking a little tender love and care. With that said our first such offering is this 1954 Chevrolet Suburban Carry All that is busting at the seams with potential. Based on the widely successful 1/2-ton truck chassis, Chevrolet originally introduced the momentous Suburban name plate in 1933. Many changes were imposed through the early years before introducing a newly imagined Suburban in 1947. As the automotive industry was rapidly changing, so were the automakers themselves, as well as, the vehicles they were offering. Trucks had become a perennial money maker for the manufacturers and because of this Chevrolet used many of their truck styling features when designing the third generation Suburban. The most notable of these changes were the significantly enhanced front and rear ends of the car. The front expressed a more compelling look by way of a larger and horizontally engineered grill, while the back offered the option for a drop tailgate or dual full-length panel-style swinging doors for rear access as exhibited in this very 3106 model. These vehicles rapidly became the go to vehicle for many, whether used for deliveries by businesses, or the family toter for those with larger households, Chevrolet had once again hit out of the park with the Suburban. This 1954 version would mark the last of that highly successful and still sought-after 3rd generation, before giving way to a new version of the bloodline the following year. This car is fundamentally sound and bursting with possibilities while begging for some individual creativity. This car has been fully stripped down to its bare bones and is in restoration ready mode. The body of this car has some surface rust, but is solid to the core. A trivial amount of body massaging, a coat of paint, and some chrome work is all that will be needed to restore her to her grandeur. The interior of this Chevy is naked as well, and ready for inspiration. The car is being offered with two bucket seats, all the original glass, and most all the weather seals. The car features a new dash cluster and is equipped with A/C on the inside and a 2002 built 5.3 engine mated to a 4L60 transmission is under the hood. The Ridler Wheels are in need of a good bath, but otherwise appear to be in quality condition and they are enrobed in Goodyear Eagles, with 18” fronts and 20” rubber on the rear. This car is undoubtedly a project car, but one that has a solid foundation to start building from. With the right person putting in the work and breathing a bit of imagination into this sedan, the results will indisputably be spectacular. This vehicle would make a top-quality delivery vehicle for a bakery, auto parts store, or otherwise. Imagine the brand visibility you would receive pulling up to a customer delivery in such a unique and iconic vehicle with your name on its side.

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